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Specializing in Drug Re-Purposing

Zorilla Research serves drug discovery companies: increasing their success rates and facilitating more efficient use of their resources. With Zorilla’s SABLE structural analysis technology, our clients can predict problem interactions in early stages of development, and potentially recover compounds that have moved into later phases.

Predict Off-Target Effects

Zorilla Research will transform the process of developing commercial pharmaceuticals utilizing novel computational technology that allows our clients to predict off-target effects in early stage development. This aids in preventing costly, late-stage drug trial failures.

Lowering The Cost of Early Stage Drug Discovery

At present, the failure rate of new chemical entities (NCEs) in the pharmaceutical space is around 87%. That is, almost ninety percent of chemical compounds identified as potential drugs fail at some point on the path to approval. At Zorilla Research, we know this failure rate is too high, and we'll work with you to achieve higher success rates and lower your costs.

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In The Office Or On The Go

At Zorilla, we recognize being in touch with your research is paramount for staying ahead of your competitors. Our leading edge drug discovery software is available where ever you are. We integrate with social media so you can learn about your latest discovery as soon as it happens.

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